CERAM 35 Baltospot - Portable generators

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Balteau NDT is known for its unique and unequalled engineering and manufacture of portable equipment. The CERAM 35 is the result of the latest evolution of electronic and physics of X-rays. It has been engineered to meet and exceed your needs for now and the future. The CERAM 35 is delivering 300 kV and 5 mA with a duty cycle of 100% for an incredible image contrast even at full power. Thanks to a purposely designed tubehead and driving electronics, the CERAM 35 is offering to the user both duty cycle and an enormous power to fi t any important requirements.

Product information

Tube current range
mA 0,5 - 5
Maximum anode power dissipation
Watt 1500
Beam angle
° 40°
Focal spot size (IEC336)
mm 2,5 x 2,5
Steel penetration at max (*)
mm 58
Max recommended temp.
°C 50
Temperature switch
°C 70
Inherent filtration
mm (Be) 1
Anode cooling type
Duty cycle
% 100
V 180 - 260
Weight (without rings)
kG 29
Control unit
CF2000 or Hand-X