Ceramic coatings in the form of inorganic base sol-gel, form a very thin layer of 35 µ ± 5 yet a very hard (9H Pencil hardness) surface. Ceramic, by nature is an excellent conductor of heat, F-LON® ceramic coatings can be applied in many applications where one or more of the following properties are required: High heat resistance (450°C) Hard surface yet high impact resistance Exceptional wear resistance Good corrosion resistance and/or anti-fouling properties Stain resistance and good clean-ability (equivalent to a vitreous enamel) Low coefficient of friction Higher heat transfer coefficient Excellent Nonstick The newest product in our range is F-LON® 9000 which is cutting-edge technology, based on a Sol-Gel process resulting in coatings with the following characteristics. PTFE-free Zero PFOA / APFO / C8 (oranalogues thereof) Highly temperature resistant (up to 450°C) and possibly beyond Extremely hard (up to 9H)

Coatings, plastic
  • technical coatings in ceramics