STEP 1 : APPLICATION FORM To get started, complete our short application form. There is no application fee or obligation at this stage. The information you submit will be treated in the strictest confidence. STEP 2 : QUOTATION Your application will be assessed by our experts and we will provide you with a quotation. Our fee varies depending on the type of ingredients and complexity of the manufacturing process. STEP 3 : ASSESSMENT We will require additional information about your ingredients and manufacturing process to ensure they meet international kosher standards. We will then arrange for an audit of your factory.The inspector will check the process from raw material intake through to packing. STEP 4 : CERTIFICATION After we have ensured your process and ingredients meet the highest kosher standards we will issue you with a contract to sign. Once the contract is signed and the fee is received, your KLBD certificate, logo and plaque will be issued for use.

  • kosher food products
  • product certification

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