Connectors from the CGL/CGL-B series are also often described as industrial "power connectors" or high voltage connectors. They offer solutions for 250, 500 and even up to 700 Volts. The CGL power connectors are available with a threaded or bayonet coupling. All plugs and receptacles are equipped with first-mate/last-break grounding contacts that are connected with the connector shell. To keep the connectors watertight, only PG adapters or universal backshells are delivered. Cables are sealed with a gland. Available as a wallmount or cable receptacle with PG adapter, boxmount receptacle, straight plug with PG adapter, plug with 90° PG-adapter. RoHS compliant.

Product features

Coupling: threaded or bayonet
IP 67
-50 to +125°C
3 to 24 pin 
Solder or crimp contact
Currents up to 135A
Voltage up to 250, 500, 700 V
Nickel plated surface
DIN, VDE, CE- and IEC-compliant solution
All connectors with first-mate/last-break grounding contact

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