ERC CI 1807 improves the cetane number by up to 6 points depending on dosage and chemical composition of the diesel fuel and has very good response qualities. The Effect The quality of a diesel fuel can be improved by adding small amounts of CI 1807. New studies have shown that high cetane numbers of the fuel are required. With a great demand for diesel fuels, however, increasingly numbers of cracked middle distillates which have a low cetane number are appearing in the market. The addition of CI 1807 can serve as a remedy and increase the cetane number. Low ignitability of fuel can bring about start-up difficulties, which are accompanied by white smoke emissions and 'knocking' of the engine. These negative characteristics can be eliminated by adding CI 1807 whereby the cetane number is raised. The degree of improvement depends on the specific composition of the fuel and the dosing rate of CI 1807. ERC CI 1807 is not a blend; it is a single, pure active ingredient

Fuels, diesel

Product features

Appearance Slightly yellow liquid
Density (20°C) 0.96 g/ml
Flame point > 61°C
Freezing point <-45°C
Pour point approx. -30°C

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