CLE II.68.E - ECB-s certified safes



Burglar-resistant safe series CLE.II are ECB-S certified with total protective layer thickness 55mm Safes are grade II certified as per EN 1143-1 by ECB-s Safes meet the requirements for protection level LFS 30 P for fire resistance according to EN 15659 Burglar-resistant system of relockers Safe doors are equipped with strong three-sided bolt locking system, 5 active chromized bolts Ø25 mm and 3 fixed bolts on the hinges side Tempered high alloyed steel plates to protect locks and bolts from drilling and kicking out. The protective layer of the case and door with fortification concrete – 55 mm thickness The structure provides the possibility to fix the safe to floor by anchors BASF thermal tape (Germany) along the perimeter of the door to protect from fire Standard color: dark grey, cream Interior fabric decoration options available Could be equipped with STUV(Germany) VdS Class 1 EN 1300 key lock; M-Locks(Netherlands) VdS Class 2 EN 1300 electronic code lock;