CLICHE LASER Xi Laser System

Flatbed cliché laser for INTAGLIO laser clichés.


The CLICHE LASER Xi is equipped with state-of-the-art laser technology. Perfectly matched to the needs of pad printing, the direct imaging of high-resolution pad printing clichés takes place. The CLICHE LASER Xi has a cliché support table on which the clichés are fixed using T-slots. This allows an absolute positioning accuracy of the print image on the cliché. Due to the flat bed construction and the compact design of the machine, the set-up times in the laser system are massively reduced. In addition, the laser is low-vibration and this enables high engraving precision. A check of the diode power before imaging and, if necessary, calibration of the laser ensures a constant imaging quality. With the CLICHE LASER Xi not only all TAMPOPRINT INTAGLIO laser clichés can be produced at low cost, but also cliché formats of other manufacturers.

Laser printing
  • Laser engraving
  • Cliché Laser
  • Cliché Production

Product features

Application Laser Engraving
Application field Stand-alone

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