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CNC Lathes - Dual-Spindle


Dual-Spindle CNC Lathe with Y Axis; 18" x 23" (457 x 584 mm) max capacity, 31.75" (806 mm) swing, 2.00" ( 50.8 mm) Y-axis travel. Main Spindle: 30 hp (22.4 kW) vector drive, A2-6 spindle, 8.3" (210 mm) chuck. Secondary Spindle: 20 hp (14.9 kW) vector drive, A2-5 spindle, 8.3" (210 mm) chuck. 12-station turret, high-torque live tooling w/C axis, 15" color LCD monitor, memory lock keyswitch, spindle orientation, USB port and rigid tapping. Includes standard toolholder kit. DS-30Y Dimensions Shipping Dimensions