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China CNC Turned Parts Manufacturer Custom Stainless Steel Rings,Aluminum Rings


Ming Xiao Manufacturing Co., Ltd engaged in Machine Parts manufacuring more than 20years, we have old lathe turning machine, automatic turning machine, and normal & high precision CNC turning machine,CNC Machining Center, we can optimize the turning processes to make the machining cost to be lowest. As a professional machine parts supplier from China,we can custom producing different structures of Stainless Steel Rings,Aluminum Rings,Brass Rings,Carbon Steel Rings,etc. Available Materials & Technical Parameters: Stainless Steel:SS201,SS301,SS304,SS304,SS430 Aluminum Alloy:AL6061,AL6068,AL7075… Carbon Steel:AISI1020,AISI1045,42CrMo… Copper & Brass:T1,T2,E-Cu,H62Pb1,H63,H59… Highest Accuracy:±5μm Surface Finish:Ra0.4 / Rz 3.2 / N5 We provide precision CNC turning & Milling Services for producing Machine Parts,such as aluminum machined rings for all industries,as long as you can provide detailed drawings and requirements, we can get back to you within two working days.

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Product features

Machining Processes CNC Turning, Tool Drilling, CNC Milling
Materials Stainless Steel, Aluminum Alloy, Carbon Steel, Brass
Finish Polished, Milled, Anodine,Anodizing.

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