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CNC Machining Parts ● Materials for CNC Precision machining parts We can process product materials are: An aluminum alloy series: all aluminum and aluminum alloy (ASTM Grade from1050-7475), commonly used are: 2011,5052,6061,7075, etc. (2) Copper Alloy Series: all copper and copper alloy, copper, copper, brass, bronze, phosphor (the ASTM grades from C11000 to C38000), commonly used: C11000, C22000, C26000 (3) Stainless Steel Series: all the basic machining stainless steel, the ASTM grades(JIS grade corresponds to the basic, together with the SUS can):201,301,303,304,314,316,420,430,630 Steel series: all the basic machining steel can be processed, for example: 20 # steel, 45 steel, easy to cut iron (common SUM24L, SUM22, Y12, Y15) ● CNC Precision machining parts accuracy Machining accuracy: IT6 level, such as the 10mm dimensions, tolerances can be done 0.009mm, 20mm size tolerances can be 0.013mm ● Maximum size of Precision parts suit to CNC machining

  • Machine tools, metal machining - parts and accessories
  • Machined parts
  • Machine tools - metal machining
  • small turned metal parts

Product characteristics

Dimension tolerance ±0.005
Angle tolerance ±1°
CNC machining part
OEM Machine Part

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