Professional CNC plasma cutting machine for industrial use. Plasma cutting units are equipped with various sources: •Hypertherm PowerMax, MaxPro •Thermal Dynamics •Sources of other manufacturers Options: •Installation of additional equipment for mechanized torch cutting •Smoke exhaust system •Installation of an additional/copying support This equipment is supplied assembled. Commissioning and training are up to 3 days. Precise and clean cut The drive is protected against step loss and errors. High precision guides, preload bearings, backlash-free gear reducers ensure smooth running and high precision. Due to this, even complex finished products have a minimum error. Torch height control (ТНС) The ТНС system for arc voltage monitors the surface irregularities of the cut metal and automatically sets the required gap. High speed and easy operation

Plasma cutting machines
  • Industrial cutting machine tools
  • Machine tools - metal machining
  • mechanical construction for metalworking

Product features

Working area dimensions, mm 1500 х 3000; 2000 х 3000; 1500 х 6000; 2000 х 6000
Smoke exhaust system with water precipitation; from all over the table; sectional
Drive type direct drive (motor, gear, screw rack)
Drive type drive through a gear reducer (motor, gear reducer, gear + screw rack)
Motor type LITE servo drive; DRIVE servo drive
Idle movement speed, m/min Up to 15
Clearance along the Z axis, mm 200
Drive system Z, mm Screw pair
CNC system FMG Vision
Software Mach3,Sheet Cam
Power, kW 3
Overall dimensions, mm 4000*2400*1800
Overall dimensions, mm 1,2

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