CNC Router High-Z S-1000/T

CNC Router with ball screws for reeal high-speed

3759.00€ HT
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Due to the built-in ball screws, our CNC Router High-Z/T achieves an extremely precise accuracy and an almost no longer measurable backlash of about 0.01mm. In addition, high travel speeds of up to approximately 108mm per second (6500 mm per minute) can be achieved. Installation of protective housing and the suction socket is necessary for CE-compliant commissioning of our CNC machines.

Milling - woodworking machinery
  • wood milling machines
  • 3D milling
  • Wood machines

Product features

X Axis Travel 1000 mm
Y Axis Travel 600 mm
Z Axis Travel 110 mm
Clamping area 1330 x 690 mm
dimensions 1330 x 870 x 575 mm
weight 51 kg
backlash +/- 0,015 mm
accuracy 0,01 mm
max. rapid speed diagonal 30m/min
max. working speed diagonal 12m/min

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