CNC control - CNC PILOT 640

Contouring Control for CNC Lathes, HEIDENHAIN, CNC PILOT 640


For many years now, the CNC PILOT has been proving itself in daily use on lathes and has earned a reputation for convenient NC programming. With the introduction of smart.Turn, HEIDENHAIN has made yet another step forward toward greater ease of use. Easily understandable program entry in forms, default setting for global values, numerous selections and straightforward graphic support ensure fast and easy operation. The new smart.Turn interface is based on the proven HEIDENHAIN-DIN PLUS. Because smart.Turn produces DIN PLUS programs. It provides both the NC programmer and the machine operator with all relevant information during program run. Thanks to its flexible design and numerous programming features, the CNC PILOT always gives you optimum support. Regardless of whether you are manufacturing single parts or batches, simple or complex workpieces, the CNC PILOT always provides the right support. The CNC PILOT is characterized by its simple operation and programming.

Numerical control systems - minicomputers and mainframes
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Product features

Components Computer/TFT/Panel/CC, UMC or UEC Contr.
Operating system HEROS 5
Memory 1.8 GB (compact flash memory card CFR)
Data interfaces Ethernet; USB
Spindle Max. 60 000 rpm

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