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Since the processing of Metawell is more comparable with wood than with metal working, wood working machines are used with appropriate protection against metal cuttings. The similarity in the processing is particularly correct in terms of the large surface area, the clamping techniques, the feed speed and the lack of requirement for coolants and lubricants. In view of the requested narrow tolerances for foldings at the edges, the panels should be processed on CNC-work stations only. Once the panels are milled, the folding itself can be done either by hand or with simple edging aids. Like this, flat (milled) panels that take less space during transport, can be sent to the assembly site where they are folded afterwards. Only panels with a cover sheet thickness of min. 0.8 mm can be milled and folded. The maximum folding angle with single milling is 135 . Cuttings For processing large-size panels a slide table panel saw is used. To obtain more accurate and efficient results, defined...

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