CNC plasma bevel cutting machine

ProArc X-cut


High precision CNC cutting machine designed to be a reliable, cost effective machine in streamline appearance for high performance cutting requirements. 1.Advanced CNC controller - high performance control system 2.High accuracy - ±0.1mm 3.High bevel speed 4.Precision linear way - with copper cover for durable lifetime 5.Rigid structure, strong and precision grinding I-rail. 6.Automatic torch height control 7.Durable sealed cable chain for X & Y axes with better protection 8.Applied industries - offshore wind power, steel structure industry, metal processing industry, etc. OPTION : 1.Oxyfuel cutting torch 2.Tube cutting 3.Total cutting solution, includes: -Track foundation (H beam) -Fume extraction table -Dust collector 4.Nesting Software 5.Center drill device 6.LED lamp 7.Anti-spatter spray device *CE Conformity

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ProArc X-cut plasma bevel cutting machine

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