CNC plate drilling and tapping machine

Drill+ 1020/1640


High efficiency and performance CNC drilling machine. Suitable for plate size: 1,200x2,000 mm / 1,600x4,000mm Smart CNC Controller: 1. Private drilling parameter databank & program storage function 2. Complete any hole drilling by positioning record function. 3. Calculating the production time automatically. 4. Accept CAD file input, the NC codes shows the real time drilling processes. User-friendly Design. 1. Servo motor spindle to provide constant torque and rotation speed 2. Z axis servo lifter provides accuracy positioning control for drilling, tapping and countersink processes. No hydraulic pump requirement, energy save. 3. One button quick tool change reduces the machine downtime. 4. Safety detection sensor, tool length automatic measuring after tool changing. Application: 1.Steel structure manufacturer 2.Machinery processing industry 3.Piping flange 4.Mining equipment

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CNC drilling machine ProArc Drill+ Function and Capacity

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