PDM machines are designed for the axial machining and facing of fitting housings (gate valves, valves, check valves), pumps and similar rotationally symmetrical components. They have infinitely variable speed control and axial and radial feeds (Z and X axis) with infinitely variable control that make it possible to move both axes simultaneously at different speeds. • Particularly suitable for machining / repairing fitting housings • Machining of both sealing surfaces of gate valves in a single chucking mechanism • Easy operation, no in-depth CNC experience required • Extremely stable due to gantry design • Easy to load due to adjustable machine table • Personnel protection provided by ergonomic machine panelling Machining options: • Facing • Longitudinal turning • Taper turning • Radius turning • Punching Both sealing surfaces of gate valves can be machined by changing the angle setting of the tilting table in a chucking mechanism of the fitting.

Turning - steels and metals
  • cnc
  • lathe
  • machining

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