Economy by spooling Our tasks also include shared process optimization with our customers – for efficient production. Our spooling lines are a good example for cooperation and continuous ongoing development – as a result of them, we have been able to increase the running length of the individual strips to as much as 100,000 meters. In this process, we connect the strips using state-of-the-art welding technology and coil them up with oscillating motion. This process is computer-aided and delivers a decisive advantage for our customers' production. You can increase your system running times several times over, thus minimizing the set-up times that require intensive personnel involvement, as well as unprofitable machine downtimes. Our spooling systems: Strip widths up to 60 mm Extension of the running length up to 20 times that of a coil Individual spooling width from 100 to 400 mm Spooling weights up to a maximum 2500 kg Our modern large spooling lines permit you to achieve simple


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