From Fra-Ber research, an all-in-one fragranced product with precious polymers: foamy polish, shampoo & wax, protective and water-repellent. It is suitable for automatic washing, self-service systems and manual washing Its innovative “nanotech” formula enriched with precious polymers: Creates a protective barrier to protect the bodywork. Adds a mirrored effect to a shiny surface. Has a long-lasting anti-static and rain-repellent effect that improves visibility when raining. Is very foamy and fragranced for a fantastic visual impact on customers. Does not contain hydrocarbons and mineral oils, thus enhancing the treatment. Cleans and does not stratify and therefore leaves no residue on the floor, brushes and bodywork. It can be used as a brush shampoo or foam shampoo. Is also suitable with osmotic water. Contains surfactants having biodegradability in compliance with 648/2004 and the perfume does not contain allergens, pursuant to attachment III part one.

Vehicle maintenance products
  • foamy polish
  • shampoo & wax
  • protective and water-repellent
  • automatic washing
  • rain-repellent effect

Product features

pump 10-20 pump flow pulses 6 l/h consumption for a 10-20 ml cycle.
Dosatron injector 0.2-2%.
Sprayer 1:50 – 1:500
Foam nozzle from pure to 1:15 (67 ml – pure).

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