TAILORED POWER COOLING LUBRICANT SYSTEM Your products are characterised by high precision and perfection? Your processes are clocked from beginning to end? Your cooling lubricant system must be perfectly tuned? Offering a flushing capacity of 300 liters a minute, automatic filtration, automated sludge discharge, user configurable pump parameters, high-pressure tool actuation, and optional medium temperature regulation, the combiloop CL5 leaves no wish unfulfilled.

Measurement and regulation equipment and instruments - pressure
  • cooling lubricant system
  • flushing capacity
  • combiloop

Product features

Equipment Size variable on request, weight depending on the stage of expansion
Flow rate Low-pressure system delivering up to 200 l/min
Pressure Depending on flow rate up to 1,200 bar
Filter fineness Automatic filter (40 μm), full flow filtration, desludging into wire mesh collector
Operation Cutting oil Water emulsion (min. 8 % oil content)
Service connections Up to 12 controllable service connections

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