COMPOTEX woven roving fabrics are plain woven of rovings consisting of non-intertwisted glass fibers. Uniformity in distribution of physical tensions and high physical-chemical performance are achieved owing to positioning of rovings at 90°-angle during weaving process. Typical application: the fabrics are used as reinforcing elements in manufacture of composite materials and fiber-glass plastics to ensure strength and durability of various structures. Composite fiberglass articles made with the use of woven roving fabrics are widely used manufacture of large-sized parts for cars, yachts, powerboats and other small size vessels, aircrafts, especially when during production it is necessary to quickly gain thickness of material at large surface of workpiece. COMPOTEX woven roving fabrics ensure even distribution of bonding and impregnating agents thus making it possible to use the fabrics as reinforcing material.

Construction Materials
  • civil constructions

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