CON-33 Container 240cm x 600cm

Contain Haus Container


Dimensions Width 2.40m, Length 6.00m, Height 2.61m Square meters 14.40m² Description Equipment 2x room; 1x toilet with sink, 1x kitchen, 2x windows, 2x entrance door Insulation 80mm ceiling, 50mm wall All electronic installations are included (fuse box, 230V sockets, ceiling lights, switches, cable ducts, cables). Vinyl flooring 23mm durable. On request we offer transport with unloading. The surcharge is 300 € Individual room design is possible. In addition, you can order the following Roller shutters (incl. Einabu) 390 € Flow heater shower (incl. installation & sealing) 400 € Water boiler sink (incl. installation & sealing) 300 € Heating wall (incl. installation, cable & cable duct with socket) 280 € Frost Guard €75 Urinal (incl. installation & sealing) 400 € Desired color only frame painting (incl. processing) 750 € The prices does not include VAT.

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