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Funnel-shaped silos have an angle of 45º or 60º, which allows the grain to flow with its own fluidity. However, 45º conical bottoms are used for grains, and 60º conical bottoms are used for feeding purposes, moist grains or low-fluidity materials. Conical bottom silos are produced from 5 tons to 1,000 tons. Generally, they are operated in a continuous discharge state. Low energy consumption and operating costs during the unloading process are one of the reasons why these silos are preferred. Special steel structures, chassis and platforms have been developed for conical bottom silos. These steel structures are placed at the bottom of the silo to add height to the silo unit. These combined systems are designed for easy and healthy loading of wagons.

  • Oils, cooking - machinery and equipment
  • conical bases
  • base silos

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27090 Gaziantep - Turkey