In light of the problems of security encountered mainly in very urban areas, and with the desire to provide a waste collection tool that prevents intrusion by individuals of short stature. Designed in galvanised sheet with a thickness of 1.25 mm (0.049ins.) compared to 1 mm (0.39 ins.) used by the main competitores, this container has an innovative horizontal filling method. The patented key closing system is also of real importance in our clients'opérations : It prevents padlock "breaking" and lock picking a special housing called the "2900 housing" Designed like ready to assemble furniture and mouted with a stainless steel rivet, the Eco Zr is the guarantee of easy maintenance and durability. The epoxy paint used in its fabrication is certainly also a guarantee of its long-term durability. With a capacity of 2.2 m3 (77.69ft3) for a weight of 160 kg (352.74 lbs.), its design is indisputably pleasant. Available in several colors, it also comes with an option of front padlock holder.

  • Innovate container
  • containers collecting used clothes

Product features

Height: 1,873 mm (6.14 ft.) Door width: 600 mm x 987 mm (1.96 ft. x 3.23ft.)
Width: 1,170 mm (2.83 ft.) Opening: 330 x 987 mm (1.96 ft. x 3.23 ft.)
Depth: 1,143 mm (4.63ft.) Sheet thickness: 1.25 mm (049 ins.) in comparison to 1.10 mm (0.43 ft.)
Assembly of the parts with stainless steel rivets Door and rotor can be removed on site a portable riveting machine (easy repairing)
Tare weight: 160 kg (352.7 lbs.) Powder paint



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