The FCR standard cabinet is specifically designed to supply and control powder spraying operations in a ventilated booth. It can accommodate the CRN457, REV800, MCR, TCR and VCR modules. The FCR comes as a bare cabinet with a front panel for installing standard 19’’ control units, an electrical power supply module and an internal air supply kit. The standard FCR cabinet, used in conjunction with its various modules, controls the following functions: (12) spray control devices switched on and off via a part detector and timer. Electrical power supply module for SAMES KREMLIN control modules. Electrical and pneumatic supply units up to 24 control modules. Auxiliary air supply unit (for powder tank for example). Powder tank level detector. Performance Integrated and flexible solution to match many different needs Flexible and upgradable Productivity Self sufficient, independent or linked with the rest of the workshop to...

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Electrical Power 230 (singolo o tri) V - W

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