CR-M - Electric tote tank mixer for stainless steel IBCs The tote tank mixers CR-M are designed for operation on stainless steel containers with filling openings of DN 400 mm and mixing volumes from 400 l up to 1,500 l. Depending on the viscosity of the mixing material, CR-Ms with fast running or gear reduced drives are available. The agitator shafts are connected to the drive shafts with sleeve couplings or borne within the gear’s hollow shaft (worm gear). The agitator shafts are balanced for concentric run after assembly. The mixer is mounted on the container’s manway lid, which is clamped with butterfly screws or a clamp ring. The manway lid is supplied by the container manufacturer or by the customer. The impellers are designed to fit through the filling opening DN 400 when being inserted. The electric container mixers are delivered with on-/off-switches with low-voltage breaker. The electric container mixers can also be supplied with frequency converter drives. All CR-M...

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