Bentonite for iron-ore pelletizing


Crushed bentonite from “10th Khutor” deposit (Khakassia) is manufactured by crushing natural bentonite clay. It is successfully used for pelletizing by ОАО «EVRAZ KGOK». The clay is supplied to ОАО «EVRAZ KGOK» with the following average quality parameters: Then, at the modification site, clay is activated with soda ash. In order to facilitate the passage of clay through the transfer paths to the rotary dryer and reduce bentonite consumption, concentrate is added to bentonite which results in a bentoconcentrate mixture. Clay swells 8-9 times.

Clay, expanded - products
  • pelletizing
  • clay
  • crushing natural clay

Product features

Moisture mass fraction 20,24%
Swelling ability 4,5 times
Mass content of sand fraction 3,07%

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