Advantages of the CRZ-1900RO system: reducing consumption of energy to 50 % using new generation burners our company has a patent for the roasting process - our roasters has special pre-drying room which preserve the aroma and the taste of the products one belt roasters are easy for cleaning and maintenance, which provides hygienic conditions for work in accordance with the food codex there is no interaction between the roasting products and exhaust gas which provides natural way of roasting hot air circulation is done from top to bottom and bottom to top through moving the belt and of the end of the process nuts are homogenous roasted through the dehumidifying rooms the level of the moisture is reduced to the minimum level and this ensure the long shelf life special filter system provides easy cleaning and maintenance also they prevent possible burner accidents this system of roasting prevents loosing time, which nowadays mean money, because time is money!

Food Industry - Machines & Equipment
  • roasting machines
  • Nuts
  • chickpea

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