Dual scale


The CWL Max is a top performer of the dynamic scales in the logistics area. Available as a dual or triple scale, the weighing system particularly shows its strength by reducing distances between packages when working with different package sizes. The dual scale CWL Max is making use of the technical advantages of two or three integrated weighing systems by selecting the ideal weighing system based on package length. Therefore it efficiently establishes the weight value even if the next product is already waiting. As a result the output of this dynamic scale, as compared to a single scale system, can be significantly increased without affecting the overall length and belt speed of the system. Consequently, you benefit from a higher package throughput. The CWL Max meets the requirements for verification as an automatic catchweigher (ACW) and as an automatic checkweigher (AChW).

Weight and mass - measurement and regulation instruments
  • logistics system
  • Dual scale
  • CWL Max

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