***Basic Conditions of Production & Trade of CYLINDER LOG HOMES & LOG BATH-HOUSES (PREFABRICATED HOUSING KITS) by Pallada Eco Blockhaus GmbH, Moscow Russia, Mr.Svyat Sytin ***retail price of $200 per CUB.MTR of 160-180-220-240-260-280-300mm in pine/spruce lumber available of wall prefab set ***MiNIMUM shipment volume in single 40ft FCL/full container load per 42 CUB.MTR of order or more when in case of retail/bulk trade ==PLEASE NOTE THAT::Seacargo 40ft FCL/full container load is not likely to be shipped to far continents of Americas/Africa/Asia because of LOG Natural Moisture storage risk – instead eurocar is to be delivered to convenient Europe port !!

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