Types of measurements provided by the TDR unit: cable length measurement; measuring distances to impedance discontinuities or damages; measurement of the velocity factor of the line to its length known; determines the nature of injuries. Types of measurements provided by the cable bridge unit: loop resistance measurement; insulation resistance; measurement of capacitance; measurement of DC and AC; resistance difference definition; determination of the distance to the point of reducing the insulation; determination of the distance to the point of breaking the cable core; determine the distance to a short-circuit cable wires; insulation test voltages. Sphere of application TDR-10M2 is used to control the laying and operation of the following types of cables: System Cables Communications; Signal and Control Cables; Power cables; Aerial cable lines; Computer Networks; TV and radio cable lines;

Surveying equipment

Product features

The range of distance measurement (time delay) from 0 to 50000 m (from 0 to 500 μs)
Subranges measurements 0 – 250 m (0 – 2.5 μs); 0 – 500 m (0 -5 μs); 0 – 1000 m (0 – 10 μs); 0 – 2500 m (0 – 25 μs); 0 – 500
Instrumental error of the distance measurement from 0.04% to 0.4% depending on subrange measurements
Effective sampling rate 100 MHz
Range of impedance matching from 25 Ω to 600 Ω
Pulse width from 10 ns to 50 μs
Pulse amplitude 10 V on the matched load
Sensitivity receiving tract 1 mV (80 dB)
VOP 33.3% … 99.9% (step 0.1%)

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