Cable bushing system

SKINTOP® CUBE, cable bushing system with oil resistance


SKINTOP® CUBE, cable bushing system with oil resistance, variable range of clamping force and vibration-safe module fixation, innovative multi-cable bushing system with variable clamping ranges for high flexibility in assembling, when disassembling, the frame can remain on the housing and the plug-in module remains securely on the cable Application range: - For installation of harnessed cables - Used in areas where cables and wires need to be safely inserted into housings - Apparatus and switch cabinet construction - Electronic installations - Automation technology Benefits: - Variable range of clamping force - Vibration-safe module fixation - Strain relief - Oil resistance - Simplified servicing due to easy assembling and disassembling Norm references / Approvals: - UL File Nr. E349737

Industrial cabling
  • cable bushing

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