Around installation technology, cable clamps for the fastening of HF cables to telecommunication masts are our speciality. These cable clamps consist of a C frame including retaining feet (for installation on to a C-profile or flat bar) and a fastening screw with grouted thrust washer. In addition, the corresponding number of cable trays (inlays) are supplied. C frame The C frames are stamped bent parts which – depending on their size – have lateral pieces to provide rigidity and stability. The fixing screws have a uniform hexagon head. Due to the construction and material selection, after tightening, a secure hold is ensured even without a lock nut. A torque of 1.5 Nm is recommended here. Installation to flat bars is possible up to a material thickness of 9.3 mm. Inlay The cable troughs are chamfered for side installation or simple setting into the C frame. The wide overlap protects against falling through before tightening the fastening screw.

Cables - accessories
  • clamps
  • C frame
  • stamped bent parts
  • rigidity
  • stability

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