Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) - the most accurate and safe - is effective for the diagnosis of low-resistivity cable faults, searching open and short-circuits. Time Domain Reflectometer (TDR) is a cable device that uses the principle of a radar. The short probing pulse is supplied to the cable line. The signal propagates along the cable and reflected partially or completely at the cable impedance heterogeneity and finally returns back to the input of the device. After processing a received signal device displays the result (waveform signature) in the metric system on the screen. Heterogeneity of the impedance are result of cables production technology violations, as well as due to mechanical and electrical defects during the construction and maintenance of the lines. The heterogeneity as usual arises in the other devices connection points to the line (coupling, tap, splice cable, coil Pupin, etc.) or in the location of the fault (open, short, soaking core of the cable, current...

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