High-temperature cables are used in areas where both working temperature and ambient temperature are too high. We offer a variety of high-temperature insulation such as alumina yarn, ceramic yarn, Fibreglass insulation, fluoroplastic polymers and elastomer insulation to perform in continuous temperature up to 1200°C. Technical Specification:- Construction : Single / Multi-Cores, Single / Multi Pairs. Voltage Grade: 250/600/1100 V ConductorType: Annealed Bare Copper/Tinned Copper, Silver Plated Copper, Nickel Plated Copper, Pure Nickel Conductor Size : From 0.22 Sq.mmto 240 Heat BarrierTape (Optional) : MicaTape Core Insulation: FEP, PTFE, Silicon, Polyimide, Fibre Glass, Ceramic Fibre, Alumina Fibre, PEEK

Heat detectors

Product features

Features: Available in multiple insulation having different properties. Suitable up to 1200°C
Low Di-electric Constant Excellent Flame Retardant & Heat Resist Properties
Halogen Free Insulation Excellent Flexibility


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