Vibraflame® is a range of cables designed to resist extreme temperatures ranging from -196°C to +1565°C.These fire resistant range of cables do not propagate flame and do not contain asbestos. They can be used as control, coaxial or power feed cables. Axon’ offer extension and compensating cables for thermocouples insulated with vibraflame® material and resistant to temperatures of up to 1050°C. These heat resistant cables can be made with nickel plated copper, nickel alloy, nickel chrome, iron, constantan, copper alloy, cupronickel for extension and compensating cable. They are insulated with a special combination of mica, organic polymers and fibre glass. Applications include power and control cables in steel works, oil refinery, electric furnace, blast furnace,etc

Electric cables
  • fire resistant
  • power feed cable
  • extreme temperatures

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Product demo : cables resistant to over 1000°C


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