Inspection locale of Passenger Cableway Wire Rope Online Automatic Inspection System Inspection locale of Freight Cableway Wire Rope Online Automatic Inspection System System Introduction As a high-risk and key component of cableway equipment, wire rope is regarded as the “lifeline” for the cableway transportation. However, for a long time the rope failure accidents always lurk during the operation of wire ropes due to the lack of scientific and reliable inspection instrumentation. Management departments mostly adopt the methods of visual inspection and periodic replacement of wire ropes to ensure the safety of in-service wire ropes . However Visual inspection only detects external flaws, but cannot detect “major hidden dangers” such as internal broken wires, abrasion, corrosion, fatigue and so on. Periodic replacement of wire ropes results in huge waste which cannot radically prevent wire rope failure accidents.

Wires and cables, steel
  • Wires and cables, steel
  • Safety systems
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