juicer with plastic bowl, 1 speed List Price: 288,00 € Technical Data Model: EED0001/SI Dimensions: L210 D210 H180 Kg: 4.00 Supply: Electricity Catalogue Page: 596 Volt: 230 KW el.: 0,15 Freq.: 50-60 Phase: 1F+N RPM: 320 Speed: 1 Description Commercial easy to use citrus juicer with round design. White or chrome body, no edges or seams for easy cleaning. Stainless steel bowl is removable for cleaning and is dishwasher safe, ABS bowl available on request. Reamer and sieve are one piece to squeeze with the maximum efficiency. Aluminium stainless steel lever to avoid any food contact is available on request. Patented safety microswitch on the cone allows to activate the juicer when the product is pushed down. The juicer is available without microswitch as well. Speed control on request. Documentation Manuals Year: 2011-11 Language: ML Download PDF file Explosion drawings Year: 2011-09 Language: ML Download PDF file Spare part list Year: 2011-09 Language: I Download PDF file

Product features

Model EED0001/SI
Dimensions L210 D210 H180
Kg 4.00
Supply Electricity
Catalogue Page 596
Volt 230
KW el. 0,15
Freq. 50-60
Phase 1F+N
RPM 320

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