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Cage-Type Deperming & Measurement Range (CDMR)

Stationary ship will be treated and ranged by magnetic deperming range in a cage


System for the demagnetization of naval ships and subsequent magnetic surveying on a magnetic demagnetization and surveying equipment installed within a cage type frame, with the special feature that the ship is stationary during the entire treatment process similar to the earth magnetic simulator of German Navy. Treatment and magnetic measurement of Navy vessels in combination with time optimzed and area economy lead to a range that combines the advantages of ODMR and HDMR, where all system entities are installed on a frame around the vessel undergoing ranging and treating. Above sketch shwos the ODMR combining simulation and deperming coil system integrated on a cage type building, which can be installed on any harbour or Navy area. Pricing may vary depending on cable length, available power supply and required magnetic field.

Electrical components and parts
  • Overrun Deperming System
  • Cage type deperming system
  • Treatment and range

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