Good mechanical properties of a particleboard require core layers made of homogeneously distributed, consistent-quality particles. The mechanical forming heads by CMC Texpan are ideal because they always guarantee consistent particle distribution at the right time. They are called Cageformer heads. Features, function Upstream disc screen for discharging oversize or glue clots Metering bins with adjustable rakebacks Bin bottom belt with speed control belt scale Mechanical Cageformer head incl. 4-6 proled distributing rollers distributing plates 4 cage rollers Advantages No separation eect on the core-layer material Improved distribution in transversal direction Easy cleaning Variants, options Format adjustment forming chamber side wall adjustment recycling of the excess particles Inline correction of transversal distribution

Wood veneer - machinery and equipment
  • Cageformer Core-Layer
  • Mat Former Siempelkamp
  • Siempelkamp
  • Particleboard Siempelkamp
  • speed control


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