An important use of Ixper® products is in toothpaste formulations, where through the release of hydrogen peroxide to enhance the removal of superficial staining, the generation of oxygen bubbles to help removal of particles, and calcium hydroxide to neutralise food acids, IXPER® 75C products help to clean teeth and improve oral hygiene. The low solubility of IXPER® products means that they are easier to formulate into stable and safe products with longlasting activity than other forms of active oxygen. IXPER® 75C calcium peroxide also has various uses in pharmaceutical applications, especially in the manufacture of antacids and the treatment of farm animals. Ixper® 75C (Calcium Peroxide) - Solvay's 75% calcium peroxide grade. A high quality powder for use in applications such ground water remediation, oxidation of lakes and water course and seed coating. Application Oral Care IXPER® products may be used in toothpaste formulations where they help clean teeth and improve oral hygiene.


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