Essential for direct reading and high-capacity torque wrench calibration! Mechanical loaders increase the accuracy ot torque test results while simultaneously reducing technician fatigue from pulling or pushing on torque wrenches during testing. A mechanical loader is the perfect accessory to increase the repeatability and productivity of the System 5 Digital Torque Tester. The drive system for each loader assures true 90-degree force application to eliminate force angle error in testing. In addition, the loaders mechanical advantage reduces technician effort and fatigue, particularly in high-capacity tool testing. SR Mechanical Loaders use the highest quality ball screws to assure smooth operation and extended service life. Welded steel frames and rigid transducer mounting plates assure torque load is properly resisted. Optimized gearing selection reduces physical effort to operate, enhancing productivity and ergonomic safety. The design of each loader makes it very easy to...

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