Calsys C-4004 is fully characterized for all major sensors (thermocouples such as J, K, N, R, S, T and RTD's like PT-100, PT-50, PT-10, PT-200, PT-500, PT-1000). The instrument can be used in industries where high accuracy temperature measurement is essential. Two channel input provides A, B & A-B measurement on LCD Display. The device is providing the exceptionally stable cold junction compensation with choices for user like Automatic, Off and External. Calsys C-4004 comes with front panel keys for easy the operation like unit selection (°C/°F), Resolution (0.01/0.001) and Data Logging. Overall stability is optimized by utilizing high-quality components with high precision. There are four input ports, two for thermocouple and two for RTD. In order to measure temperature suitable probe should be connected to TC & RTD input. The temperature measured by the device will be displayed in bigger fonts and the actual resistance (ohms).

Testing equipment

Product features

High stability High accuracy of RTD measurement 0.01°C
High Resolution (0.01/0.001) Data Logging 4000 values
Suitable for 2/3/4 wire RTD Display 192x64 LCD Graphic Panel with back light

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