Cam conctactors C158 and C159

Single and double pole cam contactors for 500 A


C158 and C159 Series cam contactors are rugged switchgear for switching AC and DC voltages that has stood the test of time. This most variable contactor series is designed for carrying out the various switching tasks as required in industrial and railway applications. Main contacts: Available are single and double pole contactor versions fitted with S310 Series cam switch elements for 500 A. The double-break main contacts can be configured as SPST NC or NO and as a combination of both. To extinguish the arc when switching higher loads, there is the option of an arc chamber. Features: -Rugged design -Various combination of switching elements (2 main / 3 auxiliary max.) -Easy to replace switching elements -Double-break contacts -Extended coil tolerance -Optional electronic economy circuit

  • Easy to replace switching elements
  • Extended coil tolerance
  • Optional electronic economy circuit

Product features

Type of voltage DC, AC
Contact configuration 1 x /2 x NO or NC
Nominal voltage 300 V DC
Rated insulation voltage Ui 630 V
Conv. thermal current Ith 500 A
Making capacity, resistive T = 0 ms 2,500 A
Contact material main contacts AgSnO2
Aux. contact 3 cam switch elements max.
Coil tolerance % Us -30% ... +25%

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