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HDMI Microscope Camera Moticam 1080

964.00€ HT


Motic Moticam 1080 Full-HD microscope camera A multi-output camera with Full-HD resolution. The successor of MC580 offers a new quality for interactive microscopy in educational, laboratory and industrial environments. The HDMI signal delivers a fast live image with 1080 (60P) resolution and high color fidelity. Still images and videos are stored in 2MP or 8MP format on MicroSD card. Especially for the visualisation of fast, moving samples in biology and industry 60 full frames per second are ideal system preconditions. The on-board software is controlled via WiFi mouse. As an alternative, the USB port of the camera can be used to run the camera with the new Motic Images Plus 3.0 software with all its measuring tools. A HDMI video projector allows to present the impressive live image to a greater public. The delivery package includes the software Motic Images Plus 3.0, calibration slide, eyepiece adapters as well as makro tube with focusable lens. The successor of MC580 offers a...

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