If the length or angle to be monitored shall additionally be output as a continuous electrical signal, a mounting arrangement of a remote indicating device of the analog or digital type is optional available. They contain in a robust protective casing either a backlash compensated gear or a gear with reduced backlash for matching the input angle with the switching or transducer angle. Each cam unit contains two semicircular disks, which can be adjusted against each other by means of a screwdriver via a worm drive, the switching point position encompassing a switching angle from about 10° up to 350° at maximum, and over 360° of the cam shaft. Sets of break-before-make contacts are used, each comprising one normally-closed and one normally-open contact. For positional back-indication via coupling or gear, one or two angular position transmitters can be operated on the camshaft, optionally with analog or digital output signal.

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