Organic candelilla wax is obtained from leaves and stalks of candelilla plant. The wax is obtained from the leaves and stems of the bush. The plant parts are boiled in water, whereas the wax rises to the surface. After skimming, the crude wax is purified in several steps. Steps of the refining process: melting, filtering, bleaching, prilling (pastille process), packaging. Candelilla wax refined and its applications: Cosmetics: Candelilla is an ingredient for cosmetics, particularly lipsticks and lip balms. It is also used in creams and emulsions for hand and foot care. Medical use: Candelilla wax refined in the pharmaceutical industry it is used as a glazing agent and a binder. Binders are added to tablet formulations to add cohesiveness to powders and provide the necessary bonding to form a compact tablet mass. Other uses: foundry and mold industry cardboard coating crayons paints candlewick lubricants paper coating anticorrosive water-proofing fireworks

Fats, nonfood
  • candelilla wax
  • Raw Material for Cosmetics
  • raw material for medical use
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