Safety canister (5 liters) with self-closing tap and separate ventilation: 05KZ Safety canister made from high-quality and chemically resistant stainless steel, material thickness 0,8 mm Used for safe storage, filling and metering of inflammable liquids Equipped with removable flame trap in the filling-plug Self-closing tap for safe handling Ventilation srew for manual venting during usage or manual pressure compensation during storage Safe filling with funnel TR2 Can also be used as storage canister (with screw cap K150) 5l-Safety canister also available as transportation canister 05KT Laboratory canister, laboratory canisters, stainless steel, container, vessel, safety container, stainless steel can, transport, UN

Product features

Nominal volume 5 l
Material Stainless steel
Net weight 1,65 kg
County of origin North Rhine-Westphalia
Dual use statement No

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