Safety canister (10 liters) with metering device: 10KD Safety canister from high-quality and chemically resistant stainless steel, material thickness 0,8 mm Use for safe storage, filling and metering of inflammable liquids Equipped with removable flame trap in the filling-plug Pressure control valve in the metering device (venting from approx. 0,3 bar) Safe filling with funnel TR2 Can also be used as storage canister (with screw cap K150) 10l-Safety canister also available as transportation canister 10KT Laboratory canister, laboratory canisters, stainless steel, container, vessel, safety container, stainless steel can, transport, UN

Product features

Nominal volume 10 l
Material Stainless steel
Net weight 2,501 kg
County of origin North Rhine-Westphalia
Dual use statement No

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