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The roof over the terrace is a convenient and practical solution that allows you to stay outdoors, regardless of the weather. The roof will protect you from getting wet and provide shade on a hot day. It increases the comfort of living and the value of the house, which is why it is often already included in development projects. Terrace roofing Garden canopies Canopies above the door Car shelters Winter gardens The offered roofs differ in appearance, size, materials used and the style of workmanship. Their size and style are adapted to the amount of space and the appearance of the building. We also offer readymade stylistic versions and various types of fillings. Each structure is made on an individual order, therefore the parameters can be modified according to the investor's needs. The Gal Industrial canopy can be quickly transformed into a winter garden. It is enough to complete the structure with glass, sliding doors, frames, sun visor.

  • Frameworks, lightweight - metal
  • Garden canopies
  • Terrace roofing
  • Car shelters

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65-012 Zielona Gora - Poland